Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Memory Suites Winner!!!

Good Night ( I guess lol) Followers!

Vickie! You are my winner (The only one who entered!) CONGRATS!!!
email me at ang20marie at yahoo dot com and I will email you your link and code!

Just moved into our new 2 bedroom apartment, well actually just finished! You know in less than a year I was sooo surprised on how much stuff I had collected! lol ... the 2 bedroom is soo much smaller than the 3 bedroom we were in! :) but our living room is bigger in this one ;)
But ... Now we are all getting sick :( I think they are chest colds but I kinda feel it in my head to but my chest does hurt and i'm starting to cough and wheeze! I hope I don't have to go to the doctors!

Well I'm hoping to have some projects to show in a day or so ... I am currently working on a mini chip board album that I'm sending to my husband ... I miss him sooo much! I pray about him and all the other soldiers over there fighting for freedom!! I pray that they all stay safe and return home soon!! My husband still has about 6 months left :( At least we are half way through the deployment but things still aren't the same here with out him!

Well I'm heading to bed now! My NyQuil kicked in! I'm so tired! so GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!


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Vickie said...

I hope your family's cold isn't serious!

Thanks for the giveaway. I sent you an email a few days ago. Not sure if you got it.