Monday, February 14, 2011

100 Followers Give Away!

Hello followers! 

Well my goal is to gain 100 followers! So when I do reach 100 followers I will have a drawing ( by random number generator) and then the winner will receive some Blog Candy!

1. You must be a follower to enter (that's the whole point of the giveaway lol ),
2.  Browse my creations and pick a favorite or favorites and leave me a comment on this post telling which ones they are,
3.  Leave me a comment saying: you are a follower and which creations of mine you like the most and any suggestions on what you would like to see on my blog or any suggestions period lol.
 I love comments lol :)
4. And don't forget to leave me your email addy so I can contact you if you are the winner!

And please share my blog! Lol, not a requirement just a friend asking a friend for a favor... Thank you!

The Winner will Receive the following Blog Candy:

* All Followers get an entry weather or not they left a message on here ... Gain extra entries by leaving the comments!

2 ~ Kath                      1 ~ Paper Diva
2 ~ Yolie                      1 ~ Evelyn
1 ~ Sher                     2 ~ Jessica
1 ~ Brenda                1 ~ Katie
1 ~ Lori                     1 ~ Karen
1 ~ Sheronacrim      1 ~ Martha G
1 ~ Luisa                  1 ~ Scrappingamma
1 ~ Angela               1 ~Jennipher L
1~ Celeste                1 ~ Tammy
1 ~ Marti                 1 ~ Terri
1 ~ Brenshieva

Thank You so much! And Happy Creating!!




JustYolie said...

My favorite is the "Sweet Closeups" layout. Thank you for the chance to win. I will share your giveaway on FB.

shersl84bed said...

Great layouts. My favorite is the blue and green one, Lane's birthday.
Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway.
Smiles Sher

Jessica said...

Thought I would stop in to see how you were doing with the 100 followers goal....I can do another post to help out if you don't mind?!?
Good Luck chicky!

Jessica said...

My absolute favorite creations of yours (for now) is the Father's Day card that has the tie....OMG I saw that and fell in love. Others that I really like are the butterfly celebrate card and your series of Mother's Day cards I saw at CSDivas!

Jessica said...

I am a follower, duh! :O) I forgot to say that I guess.
Friendly advice...since you are hoping to pursue selling your creations, I would definitely mass produce that Father's Day card since it's about a month away. As far as your suggestions there, I love your header and bling on your page!

Jessica said...

OK, so I am not doing so well with following directions for the giveaway. Here's my THIRD comment...LOL!
my email addy is:
strgazrblueyes22477 at yahoo dot com

Jessica said...

This comment is just for you since you love comments so much....
Hope your day ROCKS!

Katie said...

if you will hop on over to my blog at you will see that I just posted a link to your blog...I hope it helps and I just became a follower...I am checking out your blog now, but most of all I like that you will be hosting challenges...thats way cool, I WILL be back...KtsAngels

Rez said...

Just became your new follower.I hope you followed me too. I have post this candy on my sidebar. My favorite would be have to b the blk and whit LO. Behind the story just say it all. It's really hard to be a part of the military.I truly understand...