Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and a Freebie

Good Morning and HAPPY EASTER!!!

I thought today would be a good day to give out one of my Freebies .... "Hoppy Easter" Mini Kit.

There are 5 papers and 20 Elements! Plus there will be another freebie later today for everyone! This one will be EASTER EGGS!!

News:  I'm still working on my store, sure is complicated! and creating my kits!

I'm still asking for advice, which type of kits are you looking for? What kind would you want to buy or pay for?  Please comment on this post if you download and for advice!

My Sunny Days Alpha is still available for download until April 30th! This Easter Mini Kit will be available until April 30th as well! By this time I'm hoping to have my store up and running.

My birthday is April 13th ... I'll be posting another freebie!! Plus Blog Candy! I'll be posting the Blog Candy Post later today as well with the Easter Eggs Freebie!


                                Just click on the preview to go to media fire to download this kit.

Thank you for downloading and please please share this post around ... I'm trying to get my new designs out there! It would be much appreciated!!! 

Remember to leave Comments about what you think of my work! I love comments!

Thank you all again!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Very First Freebie ... It's an Alpha Kit!

Good Morning ...

So I've got some news for everyone!!!! I'm really EXCITED!!!  I've been working on making my own digital designs, so I'm fairly new at it, but I've been told my designs are really good, so I've decided to make my own kits and sell them at a really good price, plus I LOVE freebies and I know you all do to, so my freebies are not just one thing, they will be a set like this Alpha Kit, Sunny Days!
I use Media Fire for now, I'm currently working on my new Sharing System from Amazon S3 Glacier. It's a new program for me and I am still trying to figure the thing out, so I've got my husband working on it, since he's a technical genius! (it's what he did in the Army) So I decided to put him to work LOL ..

I'm currently working on my digital store, so for now I'll be posting made kits and the freebies here ... I'm hoping to have my new store: Angela's Digital Designs, up and running here really really soon!

Please let me know what you think of my work, pro's and con's, what you like, what you don't, etc!

Freebie Time:  Sunny Day's Alpha Kit
                                                               DOWNLOAD HERE
This Alpha Kit has 2 different Alpha types,  The print alpha has Upper Case, Lower Case, one set with shadow and one without shadow, Numbers and Special Characters. The Yellow Bevel is only the Alpha (Upper Case) and Numbers. Sunny Days Alpha's are a part of an upcoming KIT ... Sunny Days ... I should be opening my store here in the next month or shorter, so please keep an eye out!

Please enjoy this kit ... More to follow!

Comments/Feedback are always appreciated and welcomed!!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Lo's .. I've been working on Digitals!

Hello followers! 

I have quite a few Digital Layouts to share with yall and I have some exciting news!!

First of all ... News first and then show and tell ... I've been learning to make my own Digital kits.

I've been thinking about on how to share them and get my work out there, I know I'll do freebies, but also I'll sell kits at a discount as well ;-)  Just for my followers!! 

But ... I need some help from my fellow followers!! #1 ... what would yall like to see as a kit??  I  need some suggestions as to theme's that might be popular! I know I'm going to do a military kit, holidays.  I know this year is all about BRIGHTS ... Everything is bright!!
So please put your 2 cents in and voice your opinion on what you would like to see in a kit, down to the embelishments! As well I would love to know how they look, work, etc. Critique away please!!!

Now ... on to show and tell ...
All of these LO's are made from kits by Pixel Scrappers, Marisa ... It's an awesome site!!! That's where I've learned how to make my own kits. Surprisingly not many people are doing this.

This one is of my now 5 year old son playing around with my shoes, that would be pair # 3 that he tried on LOL ...
The back ground paper I made myself, torn papers pieces I also made and some of my elements I made, others came from Pixel Scrapper (like the fabric flower, alphas, hearts)

Skater dude ... My 10 year old son, Lane. He loves his skate board and wanted to pose for a pic with it!
Again some of the elements used are from Pixel Scrapper, others are from random sites and my own made ( like the stars and distressing on my background paper)

This one I did yesterday, March 1st was my husband and I's 2nd wedding anniversary!

The stitching, back ground paper, washi tape, hearts, tag, "Love me", fabric flower and buttons are from Pixel Scrapper's Amsterdam Kit. I made my matting paper, frame, torn paper pieces, and glitter splatter.

 Easter Bread ... I love baking ... especially my bread! and Easter time makes the perfect time to shape breads, like this into Easter Bunny's ;-)

This one was made with Pixel Scrappers February Blog Train Kit's that were comprised of different members work. I used elements from all!

The only thing that I made myself for this LO was my black lace border.

Family Love ... My husband, Lane and I, top pic is in Colorado Springs, CO. Bottom pic is a family photo we took for xmas here in Weatherford, TX.

Most of this LO was made from Pixel Scrappers kit's, except for the paper strips, alpha's, journal tag and background green flower.

Boo at the Zoo!
This one is made from Pixel Scrappers Zoo kit! I distressed the original background paper, made my burst, date tag and the splats.

This year we decided to let Lane go to the Ft. Worth Zoo's: Boo at the Zoo! He had a blast and we made his costume this year, he wanted to be a zombie football player, so we went to good will and got a jersey, the helmet and the pants, we got fake blood and I cut the clothing to look like a zombie and then sprayed it with the fake blood to look more real. We then got a mask for the Zoo instead of completely do make up, decided to save that one for Halloween Night!


My boys are always happy and they don't hide it either! This is just an LO of them smiling and having fun!

Again Pixel Scrapper for most of my LO elements. But I did add a few of my own of course! The glitter splatter, the rings, glitter strips, glitter stars and the bling are all my own made!

 Hog Tied .... Now this one is funny! We were out camping with family in  2011 ... we were talking about hunting and stuff and my brother was practicing hog tieing, well Lane piped up and said he wanted Uncle Phil to hog tie him, that he wanted to know what it was like, so ... of course my brother abliged his request .... oh my it was sooo funny, he wouldn't hold still for anything! So about 30 mins later ... tadah he was hog tied! then tried to walk and fell!

All are made with Pixel Scrapper's kits! except for the white burst in the lower right hand corner and the glitter explosion about the 2nd photo.

John and Pappo!

My stepdad loves his grand kids and his grand kids absolutely love him! and this pic is here to prove it!

Elements and papers are from Pixel Scrapper except for my flourish's and Alpha's and circle cut outs.

Hello Cali! ... We had so much fun there while my car was broke down and in the shop!
We got stuck near San Diego, Cali in a little town.  We were right  on the beach so that was a plus! and got some awesome pics and a tan!
LOL ...

Again most elements and papers came from Pixel Scrapper, except for the writing paper and strips and the green glitter splat.

Happy 1st Birthday ...

John's first Birthday (2009) we were living in Japan on Camp Zama. He was so afraid to touch his cake, he thought he would get into trouble, so I helped him out a little! he started to have fun after I showed him it was ok!  He loved it!!

All elements are from Pixel Scrapper. except for my ribbon piece at the top left corner and the alphas.

Play ... Another Play LO! 2009 ... John always found something to play with! Quite an imagination he has!  He was flipping on the floor, doing roll overs and making himself dizzy! all while laughing of course!

All elements and papers are from Pixel Scrapper on this one!

Love You!

This one I absolutely love! There is a huge contrast between happy and grumpy going on here ... I had fun with this one!

I made my own tags, doily, ribbons and bling. the rest came from Pixel Scrappers Love Me Kit.

Joy! ... I decided to do a film strip to show case the photo's in this one for a wintery festive LO.

My boys love Christmas, but especially the part where they get to open up presents ( what kid doesn't LOVE that part?)

Pixel Scrapper's Kit: Balkans was used. I cut out the circles. I used Balkans papers to cut them out and her glitter pattern.

I hope you liked these. and please don't forget to comment and let me know what YOU would like to see in a kit! I'll be taking all suggestions and coming up with my first ever kit with freebies to!! And in advance ... Thank you all for your feedback.

NOTE ... Karen I never got your email, I don't know what happened .... can you please comment and leave your email addy so I can email you directly. I'm sorry that this is taking so long to get to you.

Monday, January 28, 2013

75 Followers Winner!!!


I have a winner for my 75 Followers Giveaway!!!
Sorry this is soooo late!!!

Drum roll please ................................................

Ok gave me #6 ...  I put in 1-50 (as that's how many comments I had gotten per the rules)

Here is what she wrote:

"Karen said... I just looked through your creations and all of them are adorable! I especially liked your "sweet" card with the cupcake and coffee on it! :)"

Karen ... if you would please email me @ ang two zero marie at

I'll get you the gift card code, etc to ya!

You have 1 week to claim prize before I'll pick another follower for the winner!

Thank you for following me and I hope ya'all will continue to comment and check out my posts!!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm Back ... And I apologize!!!!

Good Morning ALL!

Sorry I've been gone for so long!!! I didn't forget about the 75 Followers giveaway!!  That post will be following this one ... I like to keep them seperate so there is no confusion!!

Got a new computer after the last one got fried in a freak lighting storm in Colorado (remember that post???) That was tricky ... trying to do my blog posts off of our PS3 .. now that was difficult!!!

Since then, I am trying to catch up on my Layouts and Card designs!

I have come to a slowing affect though ... after moving to Texas, I've had to get a job ... whew ... now that wasn't the hard part! It was the hours that just about killed me! I have since then quit that one and got one at Target Corp here in Weatherford, TX. ... and I've gotta say I love it!! I'm on the Soft Lines Team ( Which are amazing gals!) I was just recognized as a TOP PERFORMER for January!!! ( I started working there in December!) I'm now putting in my  application to be Brand Team Member for the Shoes Dept. ... a promotion!! YAY!!!

For the sadder news ... I'm in the middle of trying to get my son back from the state of Arizona ... My ex decided to get him taken away and refused to give CPS any of my info ( Talk about making me mad) So it took them almost 6 months to find me ... The back story:  My Ex took my son from me without me knowing in COlorado Springs ... Took him to Louisiana ... got CPS called on him there then took off after getting out of the army ... I had been looking for my son ever since! The cops wouldn't do anything since it was a joined custody ... Talk about making me mad!!!  Now the courts in AZ are making go through all this testing stuff .. I've already had a home visit (Got exellent remarks!) Doing drug screening ... passing them all ... Psycho test is coming up on the 29th to make sure I'm stable .. I think after everything i've been through .. I'm pretty sure I'm stable!
I just miss the heck out of my son! Every time I think about it, him or the situation I start balling!! I have his room all made up! CPS won't even let me talk to him, but in the court notes for Feb's hearing they are docking me for not contacting him ... ummm DUH! CPS won't give me any of his contact info! Letters I write have to go to the CPS worker in AZ .. which she claims she has only gotten one! I call BULL ... I have receipts proving I sent more than that ... WAY MORE!  The system for drug screening locked me out so I wasn't able to do all of the test (if i miss one it's counted as a positive test) EVEN THOUGH I COULDN"T HELP IT!!!! I think they are trying to stone wall me just because they don't want to deal with an INTRASTATE deal/transfer because it's going to cost them!!!
I'm sooo upset and I have to have a lawyer in AZ, I can't move up there ... I'll be unstable because I'll have to find a job and an apartment! plus my husband is still connected to the Army as IRR and it takes a ton of paper work to change the locations!

I just don't know what to do??? I'm trying so hard to fight this, work, keep my family here together and not loose my youngest son!  My ex was charged with neglect and abuse, I don't get why they are even thinking of putting my son back with him!!! I don't get it!!!! I'm so confused and my lawyer barely talks to me ... She won't even email me back!! I have proof that he's a pathological lair, vindictive and abusive not to mention an alcoholic ... What doesn't sound right here? I thought CPS is all about the welfare of the child????  

Anyhow .. I'll quit  and move on!

I just wanted everyone to know what was going on and why my posts just all of the sudden quit.  But I'm back now!!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Down for the count


Sorry its been a while our computer is fried thanks to a nasty lightening storm a couple of weeks ago now i have to use the ps3 and it really sucks! I dont have a keyboard for this thing so it's taking awhile to type anything but to make matters worse, we are in the process of moving i was packing a box full of books and then lifted the dang thing off the table and ripped my back muscle and ive been outta commission ever since.
Well I'll tell you what, I'll never try that one again I think I'll just call upon my hubby to lift for  now on.

Well on the 3rd we are taking off to Texas to our new home!! I'm so excited s but I regret that after this post I wont be on much until we get to Texas we still have a ton of packing to do! Wish us luck and I'll be back on soon!



Friday, July 27, 2012

A few Challenge Cards to share

Good Morning to all my crafty friends :)

I'm up early to get this post off ... I haven't posted in the last couple of days, well I was just lazy the other day (not feeling to good) and yesterday my internet kept messing up and last night it was down all night until about an hour ago :( ... But it's up now and I'm ready to post with some cards :)

I went to to get some ideas on some new card folds and techniques ... I'd have to say that my Favorite is the Diamond Fold Card! My next post will be a tutorial about how to make this card! It looks hard but is rather simple, I was fooled with the picture and how complicated it looked, LOL ... I was laughing after I finished it, it really is that simple :)

Ok so here are some cards:

#1: Miss You Diamond Fold:

*Challenges Used for: Creative Inspirations, Cardz Tv.

#2: My Summer Journal:

*Challenges Used for: RRR #52, Joyful Stamper: Anything Goes Challenge, Cardz Tv, Katies Nesting Spot: A Crafty Soiree #100, Dream Valley Challenges.

#3: Thankful Poppies:

* Challenges Used for: Floral Fantasies,

#4: So Grateful For You:

* Challenges Used for: DYSU #82, Trimgyms Challenge #3

#5: Congrats Double Dutch Fold Card:

* Challenges Used for: The Shabby Tea Room

#6: Feel Better Center Step Card:

* Challenges Used for: Sentimental Sundays #112 (Things with Wings), LUFP: Challenge #4

I have a couple more that I'm working on, so stay tuned for those later today and tomorrow I'll be posting my tutorial on the Diamond Fold Card! Sunday I am planning on posting a tutorial on tissue flowers. My hubby, who is an Art buff showed me these easy techniques and they are beautiful!!

Don't forget to enter into my 75 Followers Giveaway HERE for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card to Michaels!!

Happy Scrappin'


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Challenge Creations

Good Afternoon All ....

I have some Challenge Creations to show ... I hope ya'all like them!

Happy Birthday Elephant Card:

 I used Bic Colored Markers to color in the Elephant and used a silver gel highlighting pen to accent the elephant and gold gel highlighting pen in the Birthday Banner on the posts and the wrinkles of the banner. The Happy Birthday Banner is from a SVG File, but I can't remember where I got it, I had gotten in an email from a fellow blogger (sorry). I used brads in the upper left corner and the lower right corner to accent the card. The dots in the card I had

decided to use glitter, give it a little sparkle, after all it is a bday card :) I also used gems in the eyes.

** Challenges Used in: My paper Craft World: Buttons/Brads, My Crafting Channel

   USA Glitter Card:       
I decided to use a Turtle that I had gotten from Bugaboo Stamps, I colored him with Bic Colored Markers and used my Starlight gel highlighting pen to accent most of the card (LOL). I used letters that I had cut with my Cricut, I used an off white vellume behind my America Sticker. I doubled red ribbon to create a wide piece.  The paper I had decided to use are plain red card stock, white card stock and a glitter blue card stock that I had won from a blog challenge. Of course I used twine to :)  The America Sticker I created by making medallion and layering a dark blue circle and added a shiny border with my Star Bright gel pen, than put an America sticker over that, I had gotten from DCW at the PX here on base. I then Inked the edges of the card and took my Star Bright gel pen to the border, smudged it and took my embossing heater to it.

** Challenges Used in: Getting Cricky with K Andrew

Gift Box: 

 I used my Cricut for most of this box .. It was so much fun!! I used the Pangora Cartridge for this one. I added glitter to the white parts of the panda and 3d foam squares to raise the image.

Card Stock Used: 
Craft Papers from DCW, Red Card Stock from DCW and Striped Paper from CTMH.

** Challenges used in: Krafty Girls: 3D #12,  Joyful Stamper: Inspire me Fridays #68,  
Getting Cricky with K Andrew

Dolphin Card:

I used a Digi Stamp for the Dolphins from Trimgym Digital Stamps. I used glitter Glue to accent the water and make it pop ... I used my gold gel highlighting pen on the sun to make it shine. My Sentiment is from my Cricut ( Basic Shapes/Fonts Cartridge). I love twine so of course I tied twine across the top of the card and put 3 brads along the right side of the card on the inside paper square.
Cards Stock Used:  DCW Shine Blue Card Stock, Printable paper from Creating with TLC, Craft Paper from DCW.

** Challenges Used in: Getting Cricky with K Andrew

Don't forget to enter for my 75 Followers Prize!!

                      ~ Happy Scrappin ~

                                      ~ ANGELA ~                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


New Blog Linky Party at My Crafting Channel

~ Good Afternoon Fellow Bloggers ~

If you are somewhat new to blogging or your blog has less than 500 Followers and you would like more exposure and want to meet more crafty friends then simply link your blog to this party.

~ Here's The Rules ~
* Comment on this post
*Be a follower of this blog
*Create a new blog post titled
New Blog Linky Party at My Crafting Channel
This is an awesome way to meet new bloggers and get more followers!
Just head on over to My Crafting Channel HERE ,
Follow all the rules (which aren't many and not hard :) )
And of course be a follower! They have awesome challenges, events and tutorials/ideas along with LOTS of inspiration for projects, Mine are mostly Cards and Layouts, but I also love to do Altered Art on occasion.
I just want to say thank you to YOU, for being/becoming a follower and to My Crafting Channel, for coming up with this great idea!
She also has Follower Candy going on right now for when she reaches 250 Followers, she will be giving away a $150 Joanns Gift Card!! So please make sure you head on over there and LINK UP and ENTER FOR HER DRAWING!!

** I also am having a 75 FOLLOWERS DRAWING look HERE  ** 
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Make sure to link up below and check back to visit blogs and meet new bloggers:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

75 Followers Challenge Prize

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm so happy that I have finally reached my goal ... YAY!! And I couldn't have done it without you all! So Thank you all again ... But I now yet another goal! .... Now my goal is to reach 75 Followers ... For the prize this time I have decided to do a Gift Card to Michaels for $50!

GC $50 2012 Michaels Gift Card, large

 So when I reach 75 Followers, I will again do a Random.Org Number Gen off my Blog to determine the winner! YAY right? 

Well here are the rules to win:

     * Be a follower (if you are already, you are already entered, but would love a comment)
     * Leave a comment saying so ( I love comments, makes me smile :) )
     * Post my new Goal and the Prize onto your blog and link back to here .. Leave a comment 
        Saying you did this and I will visit your blog and leave a comment to! :)
     * Last but not least, I would love to hear what your favorite project is that I have done here on my 
That's it! And have fun! Remember I'll be starting my Monthly Challenges on August 1st! Especially now that I have my new Cricut (YAY!) ...

Happy Scrappin'


Friday, July 20, 2012

My 50 Followers Winner & An Announcement

Good Afternoon All ...

Thank you to all of my followers for supporting me!  It means a lot to me :)
I'm hoping to start a monthly challenge here on my blog, What do ya'all think about that? I hope it works out this time :)
So starting August 1st I'll be hosting my first Monthly Challenge! and I'm hoping that I can eventually go to every 2 weeks with the challenges. I like to do new techniques and use new products, like right now, I've been experimenting with my new Cricut! (Thank you baby for getting me one)  I LOVE my Cricut ... Now to try to win some cartridges LOL :)
Ok now on to my Winner ...
I have a winner for my 50 Followers Blog Candy!

13 :  ebonyoana ... 

Congrats Ebonyoana!
 Can you email me @ ang 20 marie at yahoo dot com and I'll get the package in the mail for you!

    * You have until 8/1/2012 to email me * If no email, I will run another number generator and get a new winner!

Thank you all again so much!

Happy Scrappin'


Challenge Creations & Follower Blog Candy

Good Morning All!

This morning I have some creations to share with you that I created for multiple blog challenges and a little note about my 50 Followers Blog Candy! (which I am 1 away from!!!)

First are my creations .....

First up is: Being Sworn in ...  

I decided to use a pic that was taken of me when I was being sworn in at the Oregon MEPS, back in 2004.
I used a Digi Stamp from Bugaboo Stamps, an American Flag that came off my hubby's uniform, and I embossed the flowers with brown emboss powder, I used a button off the Class A's.  My ribbon at the bottom was an Army key chain strap that I cut up and put a brown thick canvas ribbon over the top, some twine and a brown rope string at the top. The squares I cut out and layered with grey stars, dog tag stickers. I embossed the title and put my initials at the bottom right corner with DCW black sticker Alpha's.

Challenges used in: CC Blog Challenge #1

You are Special Card:

This one I wanted to "SHINE", so I used a gel star bright shine pen to highlight and color the lace trim around the heart. This one is a tri-fold card that I got from The sentiment is from Bugaboo Stamps. I layered this one with strips of solid papers that I cut out and glued. Placed bling on the top corners of the card and closed the card with twine ( I made holes on both sides of the flaps and tied twine around them to hold the card closed) I also used the star bright highlighting gel pen to accent the bow and the little hearts in the sentiment.

Challenges used in: Dilly Beans Sparkle & Shine,

And Thank Friend ....

This one has a lot of layers to it, first I used a shiny pink cardstock, then layered with green home made paper, then a flower cardstock w/ glitter and embossed images, than a light beige cardstock. I decided to put a doily over that, but decided to cut it in half. Than my hubby showed me how to make these tissue flowers (which are simple and fun to make, I'll be posting a tutorial on this later in the week) and glued some bling in the middle of them, the stems are also tissue paper. I used a pink butterfly that I cut with my Cricut and colored, made it "pop" and used both brown twine as the body and pink twine as the antena's. I finised the card off with an embossed stamp image and layered all the different papers together, used a green ribbon tag and completed it with lots of twine (wink ... LOVE Twine!!)

Challenges used in: Getting Cricky with K Andrew, Joyful Stamper: Inspire me fridays

A little Mirmade Fun ...

I used several layers in this one, the digi stamp is from Fresh Brewed Designs. I colored the image with Bic Colored Markers (fine tip) and used a silver highlighting gel pen on the seagal and clam shell, then I used a gold highlighting gel pen on the sand, her eyes and hair,I then layered my sentiment in which I stamped and colored, placed it on a yellow tag and tied it with ... Yes .. Twine! (Love that twine LOL) added some bling on both sides of the sentiment.
I decided to do a scalloped corner punch on all layers of my card to create a unique look. The bottom layer is a shiny blue card stock that I had gotten from Micheals, next I found a tealish blue fourish background paper in my stash of forgotten papers (it reminded me of waves when I put my image over the top). This card is a front fold card (love this type!)

Challenge used in: Sassy Studio Designs

I hope you all enjoy these cards and am looking forward to getting that last follower so I can announce a winner for my 50 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY!!!
 Stay tuned and please pass my blog around :) 

I'm still working a couple of other projects. Stay tuned!

Happy Scrappin"


Thursday, July 19, 2012

$150 Joann's Gift Card Giveaway over at My Crafting Channel!

Over at My Crafting Channel, She is giving away a $150 Gift Card to Joann's Fabrics to a random lucky follower as her 250 Follower giveaway! She is also having 5 random lucky followers that will win surprise goodies (a side from the main winner).

Her Rules for entering:
1. Become a follower
Then comment under this post that you became a follower.

2. Like us on Facebook
Then comment under this post that you did.

3. Grab my button and place on your blog
  Then comment under this post that you did providing the direct URL
to the page where the Button is located.

                                         4. Make a post on your blog about this giveaway
                              Then comment under this post that you did providing the direct URL
                                                 to the post that contains the giveaway info.

So make sure that you go on over to her BLOG, check it out and become a follower for this amazing giveaway!

Happy Scrappin'


Challenge Creations!

Good Morning All ...

I have a couple of challenge pieces to show you today, from FBD, Stamp n Doodle, DYSU & RRR ( Really Reasonable Ribbon).  I am working on some others, but these 2 I have done for now.

I paper pierced the edges by her Coffee Digi that I colored with just Bic Colored Markers and used a Gold highlighting pen to highlight some accent pieces. I also paper pierced hearts under and above the "Sweet" Digi Stamp.
I did pink and white paint splatter on the white card stock to the right of the image and attached some buttons. and finished it off with some twine that I wrapped around the bottom of the card and attached a twine bow and some bling.

Challenges Used in: FBD, DYSU # 81,

I used her Owl Sand Digi Stamp, again colored with Bic Colored Markers and also added some gold highlighting accents in the sand castle and in the sand.
I chose a "Relax" Stamp as my sentamant, I think playing in the sand is very relaxing and as an adult is very fun, makes me remember when I was a kid :) 
I also added some bling along the yellow edges and wrapped with twin, I LOVE twine! It always adds the extra umph to the cards! (in my opinion)

Challenges Used in:
 ~ FBD, RRR#52, Stamp n Doodle Summer Holiday.

Make sure to check out her blog and play along! She has some awesome Digis and also sells rubber stamps now!

Enjoy and Happy Scrappin'


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I was one of the TOP 3 over at LGS!

Oh My Gosh!!!! my LO was picked for one of the TOP 3 over at LGS!  YAY ... I'm so excited .. I haven't been a Top 3 or featured ever, so this is really exciting for me!

Go on over to Lets Get Sketchy, they have weekly challenges and you never know .... your creation could be Featured or one of the TOP 3 Picks!

I'm still sitting at 48 FOLLOWERS .. .I'm just 2 shy of reaching my 50 FOLLOWERS GOAL ... Please help me out and remember there is a Prize Package for one lucky Follower!
Please share my blog and help me out :)



Monday, July 09, 2012

There's a Surprise Blog Giveaway going on at CC Blog!!!

The Colorful Creations Blog is doing another Surprise Give Away!  The criteria and details below:

Hi everyone, we are back with a new giveaway, everyone love surprise right?  Well read each of the criteria below CAREFULLY on how you can win a surprise package from CC.  There are 4 chances to win!

  1. Tell me in a post below what you enjoy about Colorful Creations.
  2. What new techniques you've learned since being a member at CC?
  3. Add this post to YOUR wonderful blog or facebook page and post the link below.
  4. And….if you haven’t done so already please subscribe to our blog and POST your confirmation in the comment section below. 

This giveaway ends on Friday July 13th, I will announce the winner on Sunday the 15th.  Remember the more you play the more chances you have to win!

So make sure you go on over and share your thoughts and what has inspired you :) It's a wonderful site and blog so make sure you go visit them and get inspired like I did and still do!

Happy Scrappin'

CC Blog July Challenge LO

Over at Colorful Creations NEW Blog, they have their very first Blog Challenge going on right now!
The challenge is to create a lay out with the following criteria:
                               *One Photo
                               * Some Squares
                               * At least 2 different types of lettering or fonts
                               * Flowers

Here is my take on the Challenge:

I was sworn into the Army in 2004 in Portland Oregon at the MEPS Station.
It was one of the proudest moments in my life!

I used all elements required! I used a Bugaboo Digi Stamp (the Soldier in the left corner), It's one of my most favorite army digi stamps that I have found so far. All the squares are from pieces of scrap papers, the stickers are from Karen Foster Designs, the American Flag is from my uniform. The 2 different types of lettering are the Title, which I heat embosed and my initials which are sticker alpha's. I also included a Star Bright from Class A's in the center of the ribbon at the bottom. My flowers I stamped and heat embossed, then I added jewels in the centers. I also used glitter glue to add some sparkle to my LO.

More to come as my sons Birthday was yesterday and I spent all day cooking & celebrating! Now i'm back to scrappin!

Happy Scrappin'


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Paper Crafting League blog candy!!

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2 away from 50 Foloowers!!!! & Blog candy!!!

Hello to all my wonderful followers!

I am almost at 50 Followers ... I'm 2 shy ... which you all know what that means!

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