About Me ... My Life

Hello! <3

My name is Angela Marie Randall ( soon to be Davis ).
I have 2 boys:  Lane Randall; 8 yrs ( His fav. color: Blue )
Lane is in 3rd Grade but acts like he is in his 20's (lol) but frustrating some times.   He loves to play soccer and baseball, he also enjoys math ( he is really good at it! ) Art and Music. He's always dancing around the living room any time there is music on, weather it be from a movie, the song channels or cartoons he's always dancing! and  John (JC); 2 yrs old.  ( His fav. Color: Red )
 John is turning 3 on March 17th! Yup that's right!!! he's my St. Patties Day Baby <3  He is most definitely a boy, there is no mistaking that fact! lol ... it's like his rear end is on fire some times! It's so precious though because you have to remember that this period doesn't last long before they are all grown up! I can't believe he's almost 3 not to mention it seems like only yesterday that he was born! And doesn't seem like that long ago that I was giving birth to my oldest! It fly's by quick ... You have to remember to enjoy it all, even the little things!  They like to keep me on my toes lol ....   Well I'm moving to Colorado Springs!! YAY!!! I'm so excited ... I'm driving there, so I'm planning on leaving at 4 am on Feb 28th. I know it's early but I want to get on the road and get as far as I can before I have to stop for the night. I'm thinking I'll be there by the 1st probably the night of the 1st. Anyhow, I'm getting married after I get there to! His name is Jake!We are getting married by the Justice of the Peace, I really don't care lol.... but we have to because he's deploying to Afghanistan in May/June so the boys and I will only be able to spend only a couple of months together :( ... I'm not looking forward to it! But we'll make do.  I'm so excited though, we can finally start our lives together
Before this he was stationed in Japan, which is where we met! Now that's a funny story. We were on Camp Zama, ( Army Base in Japan, on the main land ). A friend of mine introduced us one night but nothing really happened, he had just popped in to see if anyone wanted to play pool with him in the rec room. A few weeks went by and I was a having a girls night with one of my friends at the Club on base. We were trying to play pool, but the people that were on the pool table were taking forever, there were 2 pool table which Jake and one his friends were playing on, so they invited us play with them on 2 teams of 2. Jake's friend was my partner and Jake was my friends partner, but it turns out I was a bet (LOL).  Jake's friend had bet Jake that he couldn't get a date with me. I was already interested, he is a hot man! ( I think ) ...  So we flirted for a while while playing pool, lol I kept distracting him on his turn ;-b ... It was so fun, so anyhow we were betting to! If he won I had to let him give me a kiss at the end of the night and if I won he had to come up with something ( I never did ) so I lost ( on purpose of course ) and of course I let him give me a kiss and it was a long kiss!   So that's how we met and 2 years later we are getting married! Again I'm so excited!!  The boys love him so much to!  Jake is truly my white knight, my prince charming! I love him with all my heart and soul! <3  He is so loving and cares for boys so much! I love it!!! I love my life! Scrap booking is my main hobby but I do make my own jewelery. The market isn't so good right now for it so I quit making them for a while.  I love scrap booking, I have several books, but only one of them is full, I'm getting there lol. I'm trying to find a not so expensive Cricut ( not having any luck so far ) and I need a new dry embosser, mine is sooo old! Well, I've gotten into Altering Items like Picture Frames, boxes. I want to expand my talents on Altering Art though. My family say that my stuff is good enough to sell so i've been making more cards and picture frames. Eventually I want to make my own frames, I'm taking a class on it in the next month (March).  Well that's my life in a nut shell right now! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and checking out my blog. I hope that you become a follower and I wish you all well. Happy Scrappin'! 
Hugs, ~ Angela~