Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Down for the count


Sorry its been a while our computer is fried thanks to a nasty lightening storm a couple of weeks ago now i have to use the ps3 and it really sucks! I dont have a keyboard for this thing so it's taking awhile to type anything but to make matters worse, we are in the process of moving i was packing a box full of books and then lifted the dang thing off the table and ripped my back muscle and ive been outta commission ever since.
Well I'll tell you what, I'll never try that one again I think I'll just call upon my hubby to lift for  now on.

Well on the 3rd we are taking off to Texas to our new home!! I'm so excited s but I regret that after this post I wont be on much until we get to Texas we still have a ton of packing to do! Wish us luck and I'll be back on soon!




My Crafting Channel said...

Sorry to hear your computer died. I hate to even get online without a keyboard, it takes me forever to type as well.

Please take care of you back, let that hubby do all the lifting.

Hugs Nana
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Linda said...

Computers can be a real pain! Good luck with the new home. I'm your newest follower ☺


Linda said...

Computers can be a pain! Good luck with your new home. I'm your newest follower ☺


Leah Ann Gast said...

Hope you got moved o.k. and settled in your new home :O) Hope your back is better too! I just noticed you made your 75 followers, whoop whoop. I know how hard it is to get started with the followers....it takes a while...but your doing good! Hope this finds you well..hugs! Leah Ann

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Good luck on your move! And congrats on reaching that # of followers!!

JustYolie said...

Hi Angela, wow that's one big move! Sorry to hear your computer is not working....I do have some good news for you....you were a winner on my blog. Once you get settled in, please send me your email address to:


Naomi Edwards said...

Sorry to hear about your computer and your back!!! Gosh!
I am your newest follower and came from mamacindy's to help you reach your goal of 75 followers, I am glad to be your 80th!!! Congrats! I couldn't find the post for the giveaway, could be over for all I know, lol

Teresa Kline said...

sure hope you got moved and settled....your cards are adorable!

enjoy *~*

mamawcindy said...

Girl, It sounds like your having a time of it. First your Computer then hurting your back and all that when your trying to move. Sure hope your feeling better. Looking forward to seeing your post again. :0)

Tonya said...

Angela, I hope you are doing better and the move is going well.

Deb Ochs-LaGrone said...

Welcome to Texas! The weathers great here! What part did you move to?