Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Hello all! 

Ok, I need some help ... I'm new to blogger and don't quite understand how to edit it. I've been trying to add my forum sites like Colorful Creations and Creative Scrapbooking Divas badges along with some of the blog blinkies that I've been following, and I can't figure out how to put them on my blog. I also need suggestions on what to put on my blog, what would like to see?

Please help me figure this out if you alreaedy know how to operate blogger, lol :) thanks so much!!!

Ok, for today I'm gonna share some pieces that I've finished for the Colorful Creations Winter Blog Hop, which I won 1st place!! So excited, it was my first Blog Hop!! I love Blog Hops they are so much fun!
I'm apart of the Valentines Blog Hop on Colorful Creations, but I'm stalled on my projects because I ran out of glue ... lol ... So I need to go buy some more.

So here are the projects that I created for the Winter Blog Hop:

"My Love" : My hubby, Jake; his tribute is above the title: My love.  We are getting married, by justice of the peace (I don't care lol) on March 1st ... Just next month! I'm sooo excited!!! Anyways, between my three men and scrapbooking and house work to! lol ... I keep pretty busy and they are my life <3

 I created "John Calvin Slusher" to capture the moments of my youngest sons life starting from the baby shower to now. It was neat one to do, it really doesn't feel like that long ago that he was a new born :(  He's growing up so fast! He turns 3 on March 17th ... Yup that's right he's my St. Patties Day baby. He was born at 7:32pm and so precious! I love my boys so much! Just a lil tribute to two of the three men in my life!

I created "Adorable" for the ABC Challenge on Colorful Creations, January's Challenge.
The challenge is to created a Layout every month with the criteria given, like this one was the title had to start with the letter "A", had to have an arrow on the LO some where and ribbon. This month the challenge was to have "B, C or D" in the title. I'm still working on that LO, it will be done soon, I just have to go print off another pic lol. At the end of the year we will have a complete year of LO's. We are supposed to create an album for this challenge to place all the LO's in and have a theme. My Theme are my lil' Boys!

Here are some of the projects that I have finished for the Valentines Blog Hop and other Challenges.

 "Unconditional Love" ... I love this Layout! A LO about the three very special men in my life, my Hubby; Jake, my son's; Lane and John.
The Journaling:  "The Loves of my Life. My men ... My Hubby, Jake. My boys, Lane and John ... Love Unconditionally ... ~ No Problem".

I created "Happy 2nd Bday Lane" for the Monday Mixer Challenge on Colorful Creations. 
This LO features my oldest son, Lane's 2nd Birthday party. His Birthday Is July 8th 2002! I started to go into labor with him on the 4th of July, but it quit before I could get to the hospital, so a couple days later they had to enduce my labor because I was over my due date which was supposed to be July 2nd, 2002.

It was created for the "Trains and Tiara's" Challenge, "Close Up" on Colorful Creations.

Well that's it for tonight! I Hope ya'all have a good night/day!


Anonymous said...

Your creations are beautiful... Hey email me at and I will help you out.... I will give you my phone number and we can do it together...

Brenda said...

It looks as if you are figuring your blog out....great start....very fun projects. Glad you are having fun on the blog hop!

Brenda said...

Looks like you are getting your blog off to a great start! Such fun projects,,,,glad you are enjoying the blog hop!