Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Very First Freebie ... It's an Alpha Kit!

Good Morning ...

So I've got some news for everyone!!!! I'm really EXCITED!!!  I've been working on making my own digital designs, so I'm fairly new at it, but I've been told my designs are really good, so I've decided to make my own kits and sell them at a really good price, plus I LOVE freebies and I know you all do to, so my freebies are not just one thing, they will be a set like this Alpha Kit, Sunny Days!
I use Media Fire for now, I'm currently working on my new Sharing System from Amazon S3 Glacier. It's a new program for me and I am still trying to figure the thing out, so I've got my husband working on it, since he's a technical genius! (it's what he did in the Army) So I decided to put him to work LOL ..

I'm currently working on my digital store, so for now I'll be posting made kits and the freebies here ... I'm hoping to have my new store: Angela's Digital Designs, up and running here really really soon!

Please let me know what you think of my work, pro's and con's, what you like, what you don't, etc!

Freebie Time:  Sunny Day's Alpha Kit
                                                               DOWNLOAD HERE
This Alpha Kit has 2 different Alpha types,  The print alpha has Upper Case, Lower Case, one set with shadow and one without shadow, Numbers and Special Characters. The Yellow Bevel is only the Alpha (Upper Case) and Numbers. Sunny Days Alpha's are a part of an upcoming KIT ... Sunny Days ... I should be opening my store here in the next month or shorter, so please keep an eye out!

Please enjoy this kit ... More to follow!

Comments/Feedback are always appreciated and welcomed!!!!

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