Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Back!! And with some cards & LO's :)

Hello Agian!!!

It's been awhile since my last post.  I have the internet again though :) YAY ... Now i'm not so bored!

I've had medical problems, but I'm back now :)
I started scraping again, mostly cards and digi's.  I reciently came back from Washington State, unfortuantly it was for a family tragedy, my grandpa died on Easter Sunday. I made my grandma a card and a second one for a gift from my self, my parents and uncles/aunts. Here they are!  Oh, and her favorite color is Red ... LOL just like mine!

Here is another that I created shortly after the above cards, while I was bored sitting at home!

Ok ... I'm sitting at 44 followers! Almost at 50!! Please share so I can reach my goal and move on to 100 followers! I'm now here to stay, so I'll be posting about every other day! I will also be starting a challenge next Monday!

 I also have started messing around with Digital Layouts with the MySuitesV3 Program ... I think it's easier to use the V2 version!

Here are some that I have completed for Colorful Creations
Challenges ... We have roughly around 20 or more "Events" (Challenges) each month that are created by fellow followers that are recruited for the Design Team (DT's) ... I was trying out for a DT position last year, but then I got sick and was diagnosed with cancer. I am still fighting it thanks to some missed tissues during a surgery to remove my cervics due to Cervical Cancer and now I also have a tumor in my right leg called an "Enchrondroma" which might be changing. Very painful but manageable right now. I'll be seeing a specialist with in the next couple of weeks to do further testing, until then I will be completing challenges by these wonderful ladies and gentlemen!

Here are a couple of the LO's that I have completed:

This one I did in honor of my son :) He is my Lil Fish! He was always asking to go in the pool :)  He is such a sweet little boy!

 This one is one of my favorites ... I was in Washington State for a couple of months while my husband was deployed. During that time, my Grandfather had passed away on Easter Sunday, so after his funeral ( about 2 weeks after) my Grandmother wanted to do a family BBQ.  All of my Uncles, Aunts, my Parents and my Brother and his Fiance came. This is a picture of our family :)

 My Lil Star ... My youngest son, John "JC", (also pictured above) loves posing for the camara ... The camara loves him :)
This LO was created for an "Inspired By" Challenge, the Inspiration that was chosen was a German Chocolate Cake ... LOL ... So I took the caramel and chocolate colors and mixed them, I also took the shininess of the caramel and through in some glitter splashes behind the picture and framing the picture. There is journaling in one the stars, the lower right star.

Ok now on to some more exciting news ...
I will be having a giving away for celebrating my welcome back! And my 50 Followers Giveaway is still in effect ... so PLEASE ... Help me to get from 44 Followers to 50 .. Once I do I will randomly select 3 Followers to win a prize from me :) The prize will consist of papers and embellies :)

I would also love to start a weekly challenge here on my blog with prizes for the winners :) These prizes will consist of either of the following :  Gift Certificates to a crafting place, papers, embellies, etc .... Each week will be a random prize and I will not list the prize until that week of the challenge.

I will call it ... Angela's Weekly Challenge.  The challenges will start once I reach 50 followers. I hope to gain more than that and at each increment of 50 followers that I gain I will give out more prizes!!!  So please share my blog and participate in my challenges. It will be fun ... Fun sketches and fun prizes!!!
So ... keep checking back!  I love comments, weather they are good, bad or moderate :)  


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