Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Creations!

Hello Fellow Scrappers!

I wanted to make a couple of announcements and show off some of my new card creations!

1st: I'm still having the 100 followers Giveaway! Please be sure you comment on my blog post that is HERE and get yourself into my drawing once I reach 100 followers, so i'm asking that you please share my blog. I will be having 3 place winners, so that means that 3 lucky followers who comment on my 100 Followers Giveaway blog post will get wonderful blog candies from me!

2nd: Starting on May 15th I will be posting monthly sketch competitions. The winner (which will be chosen at random) will get some yummy blog candy from me!
The competitions will be from the 15th to the 30th of every month and the winner will be posted on the 1st of the following month! So be sure to return on the 15th to see what the sketch and theme are!

Here are some new creations that I have completed over the weekend!

Here are some cards that I recently finished:
 Some of these I put into challenges on Colorful Creations and Creative Scrapbooking Divas!

 These series of cards are ideas that I got from Scrapbooks Etc. Magazine. I loved these card ideas. the below cards are from the same magazine and are bright and colorful! I love these cards and I hope you all to. They were so simple to make!

The fold of the card can be in either direction you like and be what ever size you wish. (I rounded the corners on some of my cards)
Just emboss designs on colorful papers, cut the embossed papers into about 3-4'' thick strips and position on card to make a layered effect.
Then take twine, floss or hemp and wrap it round the card front twice and tie off.
Lastly, Emboss a design (like a heart), cut out, use pop up glue dots or foam blocks to raise it and attach it below the twine/hemp/floss, next to the knot and there you go.
                                             You have just created a bright and beautiful card!

 This card I created for a Colorful Creations Challenge. I took the idea from one of my friends and tweaked it a little. I loved this card so I wanted to share it with the challenge.

 These cards (below) I was just messing around with some of my stamps and decided to try to make a card with them, my hubby said he really liked these because they are different. I like them to lol.

 These cards I got an idea from another card I saw on Colorful Creations. I decided to pick it apart and make them a little different so they could be called my own. The part I took from the sketch were the flourishes in the corners. I really like these ones! I think they are cute. I created them for a whatever card!

 These cards I created for Mothers Day and are trying to perfect them so I can put them on my up coming website to sell! I'm looking forward to finally opening up my own Online Store of my own! It's going to be an independent online store. I've gotten so sick of the hassle with ebay and all those kinds of websites so my very supporting and loving husband suggested that I create my own website, so he went and found the best website builder for me. I love him so much, he's so thoughtful! I love you baby and I hope you come home safe! He leaves for Afghanistan on Friday :( Please keep him in your prayers that he comes home safe next year!

This one I made for my mother for Mothers Day. She said it made her cry and at the same time made her happy. She loved the card! That was my goal when I was making it for her.


Front of Card
This (front (to the left) and inside of card (to the right) ) I created for  the Monday Mixer challenge on Colorful Creations! Its also a new technique I tried with the ribbon, it was fun to try and I love the look! It's the pleated Ribbon on the bottom to the left. All you do is according fold the ribbon.

 This card I entered into the Colorful Creations 1st Aniversary Make and Take Challenge! It's a new tecnique that I tried, you can try it to just go Here to watch a How To Video to make this card.
I'm sending to my dad for Fathers Day, I really hope he likes it!

I hope you like some these ideas for cards!


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deborah said...

Hi Angela !

Thank you so much for your blog visit !

Good to see you love card making too ! what a amazing creative output you've have here ! love that origami tie card especially for Father's Day ! Keep up the wonderful work on your blog ! ;)